Monday, March 30, 2009

Fun and Great

To quote Elliott, "It was fun and great!!!" Here is just one picture from our spring break getaway to Wisconsin Dells. When I have some 'free time' maybe I'll get to sorting through the rest of them!

Wednesday, March 4, 2009

flat stanley

My kids were very excited to recieve a letter in the mail earlier this week. Inside, they discovered "Flat Stanley" sent to them from cousin Kennedy. Stanley has been enjoying his time in our home, reading lots of books, playing Polly Pockets, hanging out with the letters on the magnetic bulletin board, and venturing out and about in Buffalo. Here are a few snapshots from his time here. We'll keep him for one more day, so he can channel his inner cheerleader with Delaney and his inner ballerina with Jillian!

Flat Stanley is the best patron at the library - extremely quiet at a fantastic listener!

Buffalo has many, many painted bison throughout the town. Here are two of our favorites - one painted with the businesses of downtown welcoming guests to our community, and one painted like a fish to represent the two lakes within our town. We have plans to visit a few more of Buffalo's landmarks before Stanley returns to Moorhead!