Friday, August 20, 2010


Meet the newest addition to our family! Harper Stella Elton came home on August 19th. According to Delaney, she's just the cutest little puppy you'll ever lay eyes on!!! Elliott says she's a ton of fun and Jillian says she's a bundle of joy! Bailey isn't so sure about Harper, but we're hoping she'll get over and play and teach her to be a good dog.

Friday, August 13, 2010

welcome neighbors!

A new family has moved in next door . . . atleast the kids have, we've yet to see any parents! We assume these are triplets that have lost their mama. They were first spotted on Wednesday morning (when this photo was taken) grazing in the overgrown lot next door. The kids and I were able to tiptoe onto the deck and watch them -- and they watched us. I even managed to sneak back in for my camera. We spotted them again this morning in the same spot - just on the other side of our fence. One was snuggled up cozily resting in the long grass, while the other two munched on their breakfast. Eventually, they began to wander behind our fence and up into the neighbors lawn on their way to the street. But this mama had to protect them and sent them running off into the woods.