Monday, January 25, 2010


A couple of weeks ago, I decided to start up an old hobby -- well, I can't really even call it a hobby because I didn't do it very often, or very well for that matter. It was something I learned as a girl from one of the most creative and talented women I know. Seriously, this woman can make everything from pot holders to prom dresses and I have both to prove it! Maybe I'll dig out those old prom photos to share, just to show how amazing she is. Of course, it's my mom! I wish I had the patience and desire when I was younger to learn more from her. When I was expecting my first child, she lovingly made the entire crib ensemble. During my second pregnancy, she worked with me to make another set including crib sheets, skirt and comforter. Baby #3? Well, I ordered his online from PBK because really, who needs to have everything handmade?!

I didn't remember quite as much as I thought I would, and after pulling out my progress on a baby blanket 3 times I decided I needed to start with a couple of refresher projects. My mom lives too far away to call for help, so I did what we moms of today do -- I went to the internet. A search of 'beginnner crochet patterns' turned up a couple of scarves with the basic stitches. The girls and I headed to Walmart for some yarn and I set to work. I have to admit, they came together much too quickly for me. So back to the internet for a search of 'crochet flower patterns' to add a bit of embellishment. And here are Delaney and Jillian's newest accessories:

And then I began the baby blanket project again -- and am 16 rows in without needing to pull out any mistakes! I hope I haven't spoiled the surprise for my expectant friend (but I don't think she reads this anyway). Maybe I'll even get that sewing machine off the top storage shelf in the basement. If I start now, I might just be able to get a costume completed in time for Halloween!

bad blogger

My sweet and loving hubby informed me just this weekend that I am a bad blogger! "I need some new pictures for my computer at work," he said. Really. That is the reason I blog, honey, just so you can have pictures on your screensaver to look at while you are sitting quietly at your desk, able to complete your work in uninterrupted, blissful peace and quiet. So here you go -- a new photo to add to your screensaver. Enjoy!

Future Popstars!

Do you know there are some people that blog EVERY day? Seriously. From 'Not Me Mondays' to 'Thirteen Thursdays' and whatever other topics they come up with each day -- something is shared with their followers. Well, that's definitely NOT ME. Nope. Weeks pass by without a noteworthy event to share, and I just can't seem to find a way to make the day-to-day of being a SAHM entertaining enough to write about daily.
However, I take offense to the term 'bad blogger!' Now, I won't name any names . . . but there are friends and family whose blogs I follow, or atleast I did until they abrubtly ended their blogging days with no warning. A few weeks without blogging? Well, it is January in MN -- we are bundled up in parkas, hats, mittens and snowboots braving the frozen tundra just to get to the grocery store because we've used the last of the milk. Not exactly the makings for a stellar blog entry.
A couple of months without blogging? C'mon -- something must have happened that you can share with us. The holidays took place in that time frame. Perhaps you took a trip to visit your sister and her family. Maybe there was a cute photo with your neice and a furry mutt, I mean pooch? I'm just sayin'! You should really update your blog!
Haven't blogged since you posted those photos of your kids in their Halloween costumes? I just know that you've got something to share with us! Maybe pictures from the diva birthday party for your 6 year old? Or that swimming birthday party for your 4 year old? Or even just a shot or two from all those weddings you've been photographing??? Just a thought.
Has it been more than 6 months since you last blogged? There has to be something you could share with us, those readers that like to keep up on what's going on in your lives because for some reason we just can't manage to keep in touch very well! I miss you.
Again, I'm not naming names here (but if you click on the highlighted 'you' it might take you somewhere).
There are those that do share on a regular basis and can I just say, wow! You are amazing. I can't imagine where you find the time in your busy life to keep up on your blogs! If only I could be more like you, in so many ways!
Just having a little fun here, mostly to show my hubby that I am not a bad blogger and I don't think there are any bad bloggers. We've all got our own reasons for blogging and our own ways of doing it! Sometimes I post three blogs in one day, other times three weeks go by without a single post. That's just my deal.