Thursday, July 16, 2009


Miss Jillian has been celebrating her 6th birthday all week! She enjoyed a giant birthday cookie with our church friends at family camp on Sunday at Camp Emmaus. Followed by lunch at Applebees -- her choice, she knew they would sing to her and give her a free ice cream sundae! Wednesday, she partied with 10 of her girlfriends in the backyard - games of Rainy Relay, Drip Drip Drop (think Duck Duck Grayduck with water), and bombing daddy with water balloons off the deck! She has loved each and every thoughtful gift, but was especially hoping for the bed for her American Girl Doll Julie -- you can see just how thrilled she was to receive it in the photos above! We love you Jillian - you are our sunshine girl!

Monday, July 13, 2009

seriously cute!

The first time I playfully sculpted Elliott's hair into a 'fauxhawk', he took one look at himself in the mirror and loudly declared "But I don't want to be Uncle Adam!" This morning he must have been missing Adam, since he happily showed off his look to his big sisters and smiled big for the camera. We miss you lots Adam and love you even more!

Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Fourth Fun

We had a fabulous time with the Barsness family in Wisconsin this past weekend -- thanks for all the great memories Sara and Derek! The kids all braved the cold water temps and their fears for their very first experience tubing.

Jillian was the first - you could hear her giggle the entire ride!

Delaney's expression left us wondering if she was terrified or having the time of her life!

Elliott's theme song was "Slow Ride."

Jack, Elliott, Jillian, Delaney, and Tyler

Fireworks in Hayward following the candy store and ice cream shop - no one slept on the ride home!

Wednesday, July 1, 2009

two wheelers

Not one to be left out, Elliott got in on the action too!

FINALLY! The girls were excited to take off those training wheels (yet again) and give riding on two wheels another shot. The timing must have been just right because Delaney took off and never looked back! She was sailing all over the park - on the grass, the picnic area, the basketball court. An hour later she was riding that bike to the park with her friends! Jillian had a little shakier start and needed someone running along side her (I am so out of shape). Thankfully Ryan was there and could take over - I never would have made it! With a little steadying and lots of cheering, she got the hang of it and was soon riding solo as well. I'm not sure who is more proud - Delaney and Jillian or mom and dad!