Saturday, September 26, 2009


Okay, so these adorable little boys aren't technically cousins . . . but they are my best friend's kids and for me, that's close enough. Sara and I have been friends since my Sophomore year at college, when I was still at SDSU but spending many weekends at the U of M with our other good friend Dee. We spent 3 years together as roommates during college (yes, that makes it a 5 year plan for me if you're trying to do the math). Often we joked that we'd get married and buy houses next door to one another. That plan didn't quite work out and we live about 45 minutes apart and don't nearly see eachother often enough in my opinion. It's important to me that our kids are close and we truly do refer to them as cousins. In fact, my kids even call them Auntie Sara and Uncle Derek. This morning they came for some playtime and lunch (and more playtime, imagine that). These 5 little monsters played in every imaginable space we had - every floor, room and the backyard as well. Did I mention that Jillian has plans to marry Jackie? She's been wondering if he's too young for her - she is four years older than him, but since he adores her I think she'll make the exception. Thanks for a great morning Sara, Tyler, and Jack!

Delaney & Jackie

Jillian & Tyler

Thursday, September 17, 2009

Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Vacation Fun

We squeezed in one last getaway before school started. Our family joined Ryan's sister's family for Labor Day Weekend at Gull Lake. We stayed at the Bay Colony, part of Grandview Resorts. The kids got to enjoy both the lake and beach as well as the waterslide and pool! I had my own personal vacation photographer - Ria takes amazing photos. You can check out her professional website by clicking the link to the right and her blog by clicking here. She's promised to share all the vacation photos with me, and then I'll share a few with all of you! For now, here are some pics of our trip. . .

The cousins enjoying Pirate's Cove minigolf!

Czichotzki's and Elton's at Ernies on the Lake
(notice my two posers!)

My cuties

We stopped in Garison by the fish caught by Paul Bunyan on our way to pick Bailey up from G&G on Mil Lacs Lake.

Tuesday, September 8, 2009

and so it begins. . .

another year of school! The outfits were selected days in advance, complete with jewelry and their first ever 'dangly' earrings. We prepared for the big event with baths last night followed by manicures in patterns to match their clothes! I'm not sure I even put this much thought and effort into getting ready for the prom!!! The excitement was so great that Jillian spilled her entire bowl of Lucky Charms all over herself and the floor, and Delaney's tummy was so nervous that she could barely eat her breakfast. That's a lot of expectation, I pray the first day is all they want it to be!

Elliott is going to miss his big sisters so much!

Delaney, 2nd grade (7 1/2)

Jillian, 1st grade (6)