Tuesday, June 21, 2011


Preschool . . . stories, play, crafts, snacks, turn-taking, friend-making, sharing, field-trips and first bus rides. Elliott had been looking forward to going to school -- afterall, he'd had to watch his sisters head off on the bus while he was stuck at home with me! His favorites this year were crafts and snacks. The second surprises me because he often told me what snack was followed quickly by why he didn't eat it! Elliott was always excited to go to preschool and share what he'd done over the weekend or at home with his teachers. He is a talker, just like his sisters. And with their influence has a love for books and is learning to do math and tell time already!

Elliott is in the 2nd row - 2nd from end. Aren't they COOL!

best friends!

Last day of preschool - June 2011

First day of preschool - Sept. 2010

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